Earth Dwellers Guide To Recycling And Environmental Conservation

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All: Well I have finally completed my FIRST BOOK …. Now available on Amazon in eBook and Paperback, eBook only on KOBO, and Smartwords. It has been a long time coming but a worthwhile experience and something I have wanted to do for years. The book has some real options for anyone who wants to take even a small step toward helping save the planet. Hopefully you will get some real value from it and see at least one option that you, your kids and family can do to make a difference even if you are already doing something. Also if you do decide to get a copy in any form please don’t hesitate to write a review, good, bad or ugly it would be great to know what you thought of the book.

Preface below:
This book is called an Earth Dwellers Guide because it effects all of us, no matter what walk of life you are or your life style, the facts in this book cover many spectrums of everyone’s life, but more importantly, it calls people to action, action that saves you money, gives you a way to get your kids involved and yourself, it gives you a path to sustain your own life style pointing to a better life for everyone on the planet. Also, one of this book’s strengths and intentions was to just plainly inform you about many things in your life that can be changed to make a difference from Plastics to Cigarette Butts to mice and rats to batteries to transportation to cockroaches and chemicals to used oil management and batteries and to basic issues with trash and water and yes even ways to make a vegetable stock that will not only conserve and recycle your food but just give you a better tasting dish that helps the planet at the same time. All of these activities are packed with not only great information and justification for doing them but “how” to do them, leaving no way for you not to see how you can turn this knowledge into action. So if you want some real facts and data on what our “Earth Dwellers” are doing to this planet in many areas but also want to know what you as one of those folks can do to save the world in some small and some larger steps. You need to read this book and I might say to take it one step further and go into some of the references I give you to dive deeper into ways you can change your life and your kid’s lives and the future the life of this planet. You can’t have a better reason than to read this. As part of this human race living on this wonderful planet we owe it to each other and our future generations to insure the quality of our existence and the health of this planet is protected. It would be naive if I really expected everyone to do all of what I am suggesting here to recycle and conserve our resources, I have a rather a more realistic approach and that is just to give you a starting point JUST DO SOMETHING!!!